Free Fall

I am falling 

And falling away

Can’t seem to 

Find a way 

To make it stop

It’s a free fall 

I feel the walls

closing in

Feel the emptiness 

Surrounding me 

Can’t find a way 

To drown you out 

Drown out the

Feelings you seem 

To see in me

Drown out the 

Good traits 

You seem to see

I am falling away 

But you are all 

I hear in the wind 

Feels like a free fall 

Where it’s the land 

Of you and me



How can I find peace when there is so much noise outside.

How can I mourn when you all wreck havoc inside.

How can I say goodbye when no one gives me time to say goodbye.


Before Everything

Before everything
We were strangers
Just two heads
In a crowd
Two other souls
With no past
Before we were strangers
We were friends
With silly stories
To exchange
Talk about
Everything and nothing
Before everything
We were strangers
With no stories
Nor desires
Of sharing
Before we were strangers
I bared my soul
And you were gone.